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EEG Electrode

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Reusable EEG Electrode

Each alive cell has biological activity and produces specific waves in the electroencephalogram. The physiological and pathological state of the brain is reflected within these complex brain electrical activity. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is one of brain function checking methods when the brain's spontaneous bioelectricity is amplified or recorded. It is one of brain function checking techniques that cannot be replaced by CT and nuclear magnetic examination.

Reusable brain electrodes can transmit EEG signals stably and reliably.

EEG examination is very accurate in epilepsy diagnosis and drugs withdrawal guidance as EEG can precisely record scattered waves& spkies or irreular spikes at the time of the onset of epilepsy.

EEG can not only explain the pathological manifestations caused by localized or diffuse brain itself diseases such as epilepsy, tumor, trauma and neurodegenerative disease, but also be diagnostic value for changes in the central nervous system caused by disorders such as metabolism, endocrine disorders and poisoning.

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Brain sensor is based on an EEG signal interpretation reflecting a visual representation of EEG and the state of excitement or inhibition in the cerebral cortex.

Brain sensor can be compatible with EEG monitoring equipments offering non-invasive patients' EEG signals and anesthesia depth reference data.

Provide anesthesia depth reference data for physician precision medication. Ensure the depth of anesthesia and shorten the anesthesia operation time so as to reduce the pain of patients. 

Shorten the recovery time and improve the quality of postoperative recovery. Guide the sedative dosage in ICU to maintain a more balanced level of sedation.