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  • R&D innovation

    We have the spirit of excellence technician. Insight into customers’ needs and trends of the industry. Our qualified and dedicated team are committed to provide you with the ideal design and the reliable quality for your demands.

  • Manufacturing

    With powerful ERP and IT system, 300,000 class dust-free workshop, manufacturing and process control system are conducted effectively to achieve the flexible, prompt response and high-quality production.

  • Production Equipment

    Taijia with advanced and professional processing machines, such as low pressure molding machine, precision wire cutting machine, automatic baking machine, automatic welding machine, CCD tester, etc.


R&D innovation

Taijia qualified with standard of Shenzhen High Technology Enterprise in November, 2016.

ECG NIBP SFDA Registration Certificate

SpO2 and Temp Registration Certificate

CE and ISO13485

Bio-Compatible Report

  • Export sales certificate of medical devices

  • Shenzhen High Technology enterprise

  • CE

  • ISO